Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Asante sana

...o mighty Moosy, for inviting me as your new guest editor. Me is Superniels (linkspam), one of this log's biggest fans because I am completely depending on Open Source software to build an infrastructure for East African schools. If I find anything before Moosy does (fat chance, he does not rely on Internet cafe's) or if something with an African angle happens, I'll happily add it to this fantastic log. (napkin anyone?)

And today is a good day indeed for the open source community since the provider of the Novell Linux Desktop got paid some well deserved compensation by the Evil Empire and on my side of the world, Open Source gets back on the political agenda. We're not there yet, but pole pole we will get there...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks you...Oooo superniels for your first update to Moosy.