Monday, November 08, 2004

Fedora 3 available

New Fedora Core Big on Community: "Fedora Core 3 (FC3) improves upon features included in Fedora Core 2, including the latest versions of SELinux and the Linux kernel 2.6.9.

SELinux in FC3 has a new policy management system enabled by default. The so-called targeted policy is intended to be less intrusive in monitoring specific system daemons (define) than the strict policy in FC2.

According to the Fedora Project's SELinux FAQ, the strict policy that was first enforced was helpful for testing purposes, as it identified 'hundreds of problems' in the strict policy itself. Based on that experience, Fedora developers concluded that rolling out a single strict policy for all Fedora user environments wasn't workable.

'At this point, the SELinux developers reviewed their choices and decided to try a different strategy,' the FAQ states. 'It was decided to create a policy that focuses on locking down specific daemons, especially ones vulnerable to attack or to devastating a system if broken or compromised. The rest of the system is allowed to run as if under standard Linux security, i.e. run the same if SELinux is enabled or not.'

FC3 also includes the latest version of the Novell Ximian-backed Evolution groupware application, as well as GNOME 2.8, KDE 3.3 and the latest X11 windowing system.

See the release we need to download this?

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