Monday, November 08, 2004

Novell Linux Desktop 9 available

Finally, the Novell Linux Desktop 9 is available and the official NLD website.
NLD9 available for download.
Congratulations to the desktop folks for this release.
The eva. version will give you updates for 30 days with no access to support.

newsforge NLD-9 appears on the surface to be more focused on the enterprise desktop than any other distribution. It will have to compete with Sun's Java Desktop, Red Hat's workstation product, and of course, Microsoft's Windows. The focus is also on getting positive results from the first adopters. Haeger said Novell will go to great lengths to ensure they are successful.

But the real significance of NLD-9 is not that it's the first Linux product to focus on the corporate desktop, but rather that it's the first Linux distribution from a vendor who has long been -- and still is -- a player in the Windows PC software world. NLD-9 is not so much an attack on the Windows desktop launched by barbarians storming Gates, as it is an internal rebellion. A professionally organized rebellion making a real attempt to sluff off the mantle of monopoly which weighs its customers down with high prices, poor security, and a completely unmerited arrogance. It's going to be an interesting next few years on the desktop.

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