Thursday, November 18, 2004

Thin client support NLD9

** There is a new post from may 2005 about thin clients and linux **

NLD NLD9 SuSE Novell LTSP Thin Client Citrix Terminal Server Tarrantella

I found out from the Moosy log that several people browsed moosy when they searched Google for "LTSP and NLD9". Both subjects in october article about Tarantella and LTSP.
Why not write something about it.

100% Thin client solution on Linux (server + workstation) can be done with either
the opensource LTSP project or the commercial Tarantella.

ICA client is part of NLD9.

Read the first impressions of NLD9

NLD homepage

LTSP and SuSE 9 - here

Thin and Thick Client Support
Novell Linux Desktop supports both thick- and thin-client configurations, enabling IT administrators to support the desktop in virtually any IT setting. The product includes support for PXE and remote desktop protocols such as RDP, VNC and SSH. The remote lock-down and kiosk functions provide very tightly constrained logins designed for use in public terminals and kiosks. The KDE desktop also features an intuitive tool for configuring kiosks and other limited-function workstations.

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