Friday, February 04, 2005


: "SP1 Highlights

* Service Pack 1 contains all bugfixes released via the maintenance Web since the GA version (August 2004)
* Service Pack 1 contains all security fixes released via the maintenance Web since the GA version.
* SLES9 with SP1 now supports the newest generation of server hardware for all supported hardware architectures (x86, AMD64, EMT64, Intel Itanium 2 Processor Family, IBM POWER and IBM zSeries). In addition, many existing hardware drivers have been refreshed with the lastest updates.
* Improved performance for reading files from harddisks

Enhanced Features
* CPU hotplug is now supported for S/390 and IBM zSeries (replace CPUs without affecting proccesses which are running).
* Multiple processor support increased to 512 CPUs for SGI Altix (IPF/Itanium2) machines

For more information on CPUSE, see .

New Features
* Virtualization layer (CPUSET) implemented, including a kernel update and a suite of configuration tools. Use CPUSET to partition a multiprocessor machine by creating execution areas for different applications or for multiple instances of the same applicaiton with dedicated processors assigned to each. (*for IPF (Itanium2) machines only)
* PAGG virtualization layer implemented, allowing appications and/or processes to be defined as a group. (*for IPF (Itanium2) machines only). For more information on PAGG, see

For complete information on SLES9 SP1, consult the official readme document."

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