Saturday, March 26, 2005

Cool demo's at Brainshare

Or should we say: This stuff is eye candy.
Demo of woobly windows on friday is a must see. The cool video's from brainshare can be found here in a few days (weeks)

monday keynote
Jason Williams
min. 1:00 Open Enterprise Demo (OES)

JD Nyland
min. 1:19 Polyserve
Oracle on SLES with Polyserv

Martin Buckley
min. 1:43 ZENworks linux management

wednesday keynote
Martin Buckley
min. 50:00 ZENworks Linux management 7
min. 1:00 ZENworks Asset Management (Tally Systems)
Troy Wilde
min. 1:15 Novell Linux Small Bus. suite
Nat Friedman
min 1:27 NLD 9, GroupWise 7?

friday keynote
Miquel de Icaza
min. 0:53 Mono
Nat Friedman
min. 1:06 Beagle [more Mousy] [beagle demo's]
min. 1:12 Tomboy
min. 1:13 FSpot [more Moosy]
min. 1:17 XGL
min. 1:19 XGL pop GL windows+ Vdesktops
min. 1:20 XGL redhat demo (cool wobbly windows demo)
min. 1:22 Hula [more]

To install (rpm) Beagle, Tomboy or F-spot on NLD9 just add ZLM/RC Experimental Packages Server (
1.) Install RC (Red Carpet/ZLM)
2.) Add the segfaul server

These are all mono apps, iFolder 3 is also a mono application, it's comming.
ifolder3 mac flash demo

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