Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Dreams Unlimited Diary:
In Firefox (I used 1.0.4), type m3pio in the URL line and hit enter.
You should be redirected to a secret, hidden ftp server in Finland and you'll start to download the activation codes for the old CCCP nuclear arsenal. When you combine the digits at the Fibonacci position inside the digitally encrypted quantum stream and concatenate them, then seperate them into strings 16 characters long, you should be able to activate the Polar Defense circle...*bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*
Oh shit... it was just a dream. I thought I was in a Bond movie for a second. The part of the ftp server is true though. ;)"

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Anonymous said...

Now I know that people over here don't have much to do, especially on days like today when everything is covered in tons of mud and the power is out all over the place except for this lucky internet cafe, but you, herr Gaatje, are in the Rat-Race no? Don't even want to start to imagine where you get your links. Scary dude; did you start with typing aaa and worked yourself all the way up to m3pio? Or did you cheat and start at m?