Thursday, August 18, 2005

TIP: Improve look of QT apps in GNOME

Seb described the following tip:
KDE and Qt apps like Scribus and YaST2 don not look very good in GNOME on SUSE 9.3. Why? When you do not install the full KDE desktop environment, SUSE uses a terrible Qt theme which makes the apps look terrible. This shows you how to the use the popular Plastik theme.

Applications - Run Application
Enter kcontrol into the box and press Run
Click on Appearance Themes
Click on Colors
Choose the SuSE colour scheme and press Apply
Click on Style
Choose Plastik from the drop down menu (even if it is already selected and press Apply)
Click on Fonts
Lower all the fonts to 9pt apart from Desktop which you can leave at 10pt
Press Apply
Close the KDE Control Center window



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