Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Moosy loves Tomboy

Tomboy is one of the need little toys that comes with SUSE Linux 10, and we love it. (your own personal wiki)
And..Beagle is doing a good job in indexing and finding the notes.

To start Tomboy, add Tomboy notes to your GNOME panel.

I use Tomboy for meeting notes, ideas and other.
In version 0.3.3 we now can export our notes (including links) to HTML. (what's new)
Because the notes we create are business critical, we decided to move our
Tomboy datastore to our ifolder.
1.) Move you /home/user/.tomboy directory to your ifolder directory. (/data/ifolder)

2.) create a symbolic link
ln -s /data/ifolder/.tomboy /home/moosy

or using rsync
rsync -trv /home/moosy/.tomboy/* servername:/backup/.tomboy

The Tomboy team has some cool ideas of integration
with appointments, tasks and todo item. (Evolution)
(there is a Tomboy note of the day plugin available here)

Things I like to see improved:
- Outline, bullets
- Templates (meeting note, phone call etc.)
- export plugin for OpenOffice format

Tomboy is a project from Alex Graveley,

Alex Graveley is/was a Ximian Hacker Monkey.

feb 2006 - gimmie