Thursday, October 06, 2005

Dynamic SUSE Linux 10.0 post

Moosy SUSE LINUX 10.0 post, LAST UPDATE: feb 9, 2006

All updates, patches and fixes for SUSE Linux

Additional packages Repositories

SUSE Linux 10.0 Documentation / Manual

There are 3 versions available of SUSE Linux 10.0

1.) SUSE Linux 10.0 OSS (download)

Free download and 100% open source, so no Acrobat, Flash etc.

2.) SUSE Linux 10.0 Evaluation (download)

The Evaluation edition of SUSE Linux contains some proprietary components such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, RealNetworks RealPlayer, Sun Java Runtime Environment and Macromedia Flash Player.

The "Eval" Edition does not time out in any way If you prefer you can download and use the "Open Source Software" (OSS) edition of SUSE Linux 10.0 that includes only open source components.

3.) SUSE Linux 10.0 Retail (the box)

more packages (list of packages retail compared with oss version)
* 300 pages of printed manuals
* physical media
* installation support
Get the rest of the software that is missing in the free version (cool solution article)

Adding sources to YaST

Click the Add button, then click on HTTP in the popup menu. Add the following Internet address to the Server Name field and then click on OK:

If that repository link does not work, you can choose one of the mirrors from this list .

Now repeat this process and add the following servers to your installation sources using the FTP option instead of HTTP:


Now you can install:
Thinderbird, Java, Flash, Acrobat, mplayer (windows media), mp3 and real player on any version of SUSE Linux 10.0.


box shot suse 10.0 retail


Get the rest of the software when I download SUSE Linux 10.0
Pimp your desktop (theme, tango, wallpaper) - here
Firefox 1.5 update
Novell Client 1.1 on SUSE Linux 10.0 -> here
RedCarpet /zlm client on 10.0 -> here
Determine the version I'm using
Novell client on suse linux 10.0

check the tips and trick section
goto the forum