Sunday, October 10, 2004


I am Winston Wolfe. I solve problems.
Harvey Keitel in Pulp Fiction

This page is OLD and not updated anymore

screen stuff

laptop and beamer
3D acceleration with ATI
Improve look of QT apps in GNOME
Why Windows fonts look better
windows fonts
vnc client and vnc server
xterminal session from linux to linux
nomachine / nxserver on suse10

configure, settings, tweaks etc.

tomboy and ifolder
gnome drawer
Moosy loves tomboy
secpanel and winscp
Terminal on ctrl-alt-s
upgrade your suse apps
no more beeps
migrate fat32 to ext3, make your home dir ext3
install RPM with Yast
kernel modules at boot
search history in bash
novell client and redcarpet on suse linux 10
root trusts me (wheel group
server migration (vsftpd, xsp, cups)
no more password for ssh
testing Beagle
new motherboard, new NIC
bookmarks firefox and user.js

grub password howto
speedup boottime with bootchart
use thie IBM key on a thinkpad

file system

rsync implementation (rsync for backup)
Clustered File Systems on Linux
mount iso
migration from FAT32 to EXT3
shared folder on linux workstation (howto samba server and/or ftp server)
secpanel and windscp (GUI for secure copy using ssh)
midnight commander
cool small http server for proxy.pac
permission samples
image linux
automount cd-rom images
boot from usb stick
quick usb mount

other stuff

hack WEP in 10 min
hack WEP and WPA
change/spoof MAC address in Linux
whax hack cd

online ascii converter
Building your own PBX
Single sign-on (sso) or sso with ssh
Copying and pasting text
Torrent links
more updates for suse linux
tango pimp windows xp
Manually Invoke Standby for Laptop
digg via msn

Terminal/shell/scripts etc

bash hotkey
bash enhancement tool BET

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