Tuesday, February 14, 2006


./martijn: "Nowadays, most Linux distributions use things like preloaders to speedup the bootproces a bit. Installations like a clean new SUSE Linux 10.0 install on decent hardware boots up in something like 40 secs. Bootchart is a nice tool to optimize the bootproces of a Linux system. It gives a nice graphical presentation of the bootproces, along with some usefull logfiles.

Click the image to check out an example PNG. It's my HP nx9000 notebook running SUSE Linux 10.0 with GNOME and some applications like a Red-Carpet daemon, a Cisco VPN client, the Novell Client for Linux and VMware workstation, which delay the bootprocess for about 10 secs. But hey ... I'm happy as long as it stays below the 60 secs. ;-).

The boot times of more recent Linux distros are quite competative. OS's like Windows XP and Mac OS X will take comparable times to startup."

Thanks ./martijn for this cool tip