Thursday, October 13, 2005

Tango, consistent UI

"Only the wise can dance the rhythm of the tango-project"

feb 2006

the Tango Project has finally been announced!

The Tango Desktop Project exists to create a consistent user experience for free and Open Source software with graphical user interfaces.

The Tango project is an effort to establish high-usability visual themes for Linux desktops that function consistently across multiple desktop environments. Tango evolved from private discussions between Novell's Jakub Steiner and Mozilla Visual Identity Team lead Steven Garrity. The project went public at the Boston GNOME Summit in October. Project participants are working on specifications for cross-environment themes and a fully compatible theme they hope will be adopted by vendors.

Tango aims to address a problem of visual inconsistency between applications commonly running on user's desktop when she/he is running a GNU/Linux distribution.

Different projects have their own style that is consistent with itself (mostly), but the final user experience on the "linux desktop" is not so smooth.

Tango style on Windows XP - here

Tango is part of NLD10

Howto tango - tango your gnome

new: been waiting a long time for a Thunderbird Tango theme. Now it's here.

Tango Theme for Windows XP
Tango Theme for Firefox
Tango Smiley Theme for Gaim