Thursday, February 02, 2006

Tomboy 0.3.4.

Alex released Tomboy 0.3.4

New Evolution mail plugin:

To keep track of email, drag them from from Evolution into your notes, to insert the mail's subject as a link. Click the link
to open the email! (see how this works)

New Galago/Gaim presence plugin:

Just type the screenname of your buddies in a note to create a
link. Click to send them a message with Gaim!

New Note of the Day plugin (not installed by default):
Auto-creates a new Note of the Day, every day, for you to jot
down TODOs or journal entries.

New Fixed Width text plugin (not installed by default):
Hot off the presses, this plugin from Ryan Lortie lets you keep
code blocks nicely aligned.

Handle middle-click paste to tray icon.
To quickly keep a snippet of text around for later, just select
it and middle-click the Tomboy tray icon. The text is inserted
into your "Start Here" note, with a timestamp.