Friday, March 10, 2006

Dr.Red XGL tweaks part 3

Dr. red xgl tweak part 1
Dr. red xgl tweak part 2 - zooming, transparancy, top cube

More on 'howto' image on top of the cube

Great!!.. Inkscape is working like a charm!.
I found that it was on the distro dvd of SuSE 10,
so ran Yast and installed it..

After this i grabbed an tux image from google images..

Launched Inkscape and loaded the image
I selected the image, and went to
Menu Path -> Trace bitmap (or Shift-Alt-B)

In the Potrace menu select Color.

and press OK, I also created a little rectangle around tux
to center it on screen. And saved the image in /svg/tux.svg

Now started gconf-editor and went to


Edit the key svgs (double click). and Add the tux svg

press ok, and close gconf-editor

Rotate to the top of the cube, and optional press space..

Thanks Colin!!...
great Tip..


Joe Gilmore said...

Nice job Moosy! Keep it up, computing hasn't been this fun in 25 years :)! Hey, what happens to the top and bottom images when one increases to >4 sides on the cube? My images just go away. Any ideas?

Thanks again!

timothyb89 said...

Same thing happened to me...
It seems that Compiz just stopped listening to the settings that you change once you change that size setting...

Anonymous said...

HI, love your work but you say
"Rotate to the top of the cube, and optional press space.."
i go with ctrl + al + mouse click's and movements to the top of the cube and then i press space and nothing happens???
what do i do wrong