Saturday, April 15, 2006

No borders with XGL

Scott: OK! I found the problem. I had no window borders, etc. Every single other aspect of Xgl was working, except that none of the plugins were installed. All I had to do was run gconf-editor at a terminal window. Then, I had to go to apps > compiz > general > allscreens > options > active_plugins and add each of the plugins I needed, starting with the decoration plugin which was not installed by default. Evidently, when you log into X the first time, compiz initializes and does not load any plugins. However, if you follow the tutorial, you ll see that I explicitly tell compiz to load all the plugins. So, the first time you log in, you expect that they won t work, but the second time they should take effect, right? Well, not in my case. I had to go put in all the plugins manually inside gconf-editor. The list of plugins are as follows:

gconf, gconf-dump, miniwin, decoration, transset, wobbly, fade, minimize, cube, rotate, zoom, scale, move, resize, place, switcher, trailfocus, water

So, for anyone who does not seem to have their plugins working, but you can see that Xgl is loading when you log into a session, this might be the fix for you.

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