Saturday, April 15, 2006

More compiz plugins QUINN

The pack for SL10.1 and SLED10 is available:

What's new? (compared to default SUSE builds)

1. Gset-Compiz-0.2.9 - A compiz plugins tweaking tool by Gerd Kohlberger built in. Access it through Utilities->More Programs
2. Gnome-window-decorator with 'Always on top', 'On all workspaces' and 'Reset tranparency'.
3. Water plugin, with rain delay patch by Emilie Roberts, improved by David R: "I fixed so that it's possible to change the rain delay while it's raining and put it in CVS."
4. Transset plugin
5. Trailfocus plugin
6. Mindow aka miniwin plugin
7. Two wobblies (Thanks to moppsy) See here for settings.
8. Built against today's Mesa
9. Needs today's build Xgl, once new xgl is installed, install compiz with --nodeps switch. Get it HERE.
10. Doesnt seem to need the new nvidia driver so far
11. coolbg - Script to get your background xwinwraped (animated wallpaper), just run coolbg in shell
12. addslides - Script to add bunch of slides on cube top from a folder, just run addslides in shell
13. Package includes xwinwrap, so you dont have to go looking for it.
14. I am keeping the enhanced switcher, just remove splash from fade options, release LEFT Alt key to make it dissapear.
15. Screenshot key crash fix by Raggaemanu
16. Four way resize patch by Mike Hearn (I have no idea what it is, let me try it out)
17. Transset application no longer required as compiz has built in transparency control (Alt+Scroll), ya ya its an old one, but i didnt know about it.
18. Alt+F2 focus problem fixed.
19. gset-compiz segfault problem fixed.

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