Saturday, April 15, 2006

Water plugin

Compiz water plugin howto:

This plugin is currently quite unstable. Reports say it uses intense CPU resources, and can crash X.
Use at your own risk.

The plugin is part of the latest compiz but is default turned off in SLED10 beta, to activate see screenshot

Water Effect = Ctrl + Super-key (I have to press the Ctrl key first)
Rain = Shift + F9 (Requires the water plugin)

Note: Super-key is the same as the windows key

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Ramas said...

Hi moosy Ive been digging around to find a detailed description of all the keys in the water plugin section of gconf-editor no matter what I do with the combinations, I dont seem to be able to start the plugin, no errors no nothing, so maybe Im not properly configuring it, I read about a bug of not setting the super key properly, something I seem to be doing fine. So anyway, maybe you can give some light? Thanx

Running Kubuntu dapper.
Nvidia Quadro 4 980 XGL