Thursday, April 13, 2006

SUSE Linux 10.1 CDs

Scott: SUSE Linux is now not (like 10.0) distinguished by the EVAL, OSS and RETAIL appellations. It is just too damn confusing for people. They could not get past trying to figure out the difference between them all.

From SUSE Linux 10.1, its just called SUSE Linux. There are 5 CDs for the equivalent of what used to be called the OSS version. In other words, all of the open-source packages are on those 5 CDs. If you want non-open-source packages, those now reside on what is called the Add-On CD, a sixth CD image. With the sixth Add-On CD image, you will have the equivalent of the old Eval version of SUSE, which is the same thing you would get if you bought it.

If you want to read all of this for yourself, look at this and also look at this. If that does not clarify it for you, I hear McDonalds has a Special Education program for the remedial folks.

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Anonymous said...

Why don't the put in a Novell client.
Or making an rpm with al the dependities ?
Installing there own product is not easy. Why ?