Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Released SLED10 and ATI driver

The released version of SLED10 has a build in feature to download and install the ATI driver.
Automatic update downloads and installs the fglrx module, one client to download and install, one click to activate SAX and one click to turn XGL on. Cool stuff.
If you don't see the fglrx driver (because your card is not in the novell database you can add the following url to the installation source YUM www2.ati.com/suse.. (here are the screenshots...Thanks Ted)


Dreams said...

BTW, that's an HTTP installation source

Anonymous said...

I followed these instructions and I got all the screens as shown here. But when I enabled the desktop effects, and I did a re-login, when I open a new window, there is no "title bar". None of the desktop effects is enabled. I did fglrxinfo and it still shows MESA. What am I doing wrong? - Nilesh