Saturday, February 17, 2007

Kiba-dock on openSUSE

Check out the new packages of kiba-dock. Kiba-dock has come a long way from the prototype developed by Kristian Høgsberg.

The project developed very rapidly at beryl-project to become useful application launcher. Now the kiba-dock project have their own website at

Latest version of kiba-dock features application launcher, preview of running applications, memory status, and a clock. It is highly configurable so that some of the fun physics can be toned down or enhanced as you like.

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Packages for openSUSE are available HERE.

Installation instructions and getting the code HERE.

Packages are also available on the 1-click server

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Anonymous said...

Moose, I've installed kiba and it runs fine, allthough some glitches here and there. Nevertheless, its great fun in conjunction with the latest Beryl.

Javier said...

Please, can you upload the rpm's or other URL.


B said...

see the 1-click server

Carlos said...

Do you know if it works on OpenSuse 11.0?