Friday, June 22, 2007

compiz fusion part 2

source: It is not just a new name, quitely behind the scenes developers have been working hard and have come up with some stunning enhancements.

Cube Reflection

Zoom plugin has been almost rewritten by David Reveman with cool new features like select and zoom and panning, Cube has got reflection thanks to great work by Onestone, there is now expo mode that can be used along with Cube.

Expo Mode

Size information upon resizing any window, paint fire on your desktop and other countless useful and no so useful features have been added to plugins. We also got new animation effect “Dodge”, one of my favourite.

Resize Info

Compiz also now has two settings tool, users can easily tweak compiz settings to their liking.
Compiz Configuration Settings Manager

Here is hot new name:

Fire Paint

1 comment:

kriko said...

Can you tell me how you start it?
I always get no window border (without decoration), which is useless :P