Friday, June 22, 2007


more about the new compiz settings manager, compizconfig-settings-manager or ccsm: The python configuration tool for compizconfig.


Compizconfig Settings Manager is a new system in order to shape Compiz that it supports multiple backend (gconf, flat file…) it remembers the style of not-still-taken off the new Center of Control of GNOME and above all it comes proposed like first creature of Compiz Community, hour Compiz Fusion.


If GNOME used imagine that you want to use gconf:


If you have seen rpm's for openSUSE, please drop a comment


kriko said...

There are suse rpms:

Anonymous said...

And how it will work under KDE?For example compizconfig-settings-manager is supported for Gnome only.

Anonymous said...

For KDE, under backend you can choose KDE Configuration Backend instead of the gconf one. The application itself still uses gtk (I think) to draw its widgets though.