Friday, July 11, 2008

KIWI Image System

KIWI is an image system that provides a complete operating system image
solution for Linux supported hardware platforms as well as for virtualisation
systems like Xen, VMWare, etc.

Marcus Schaefer just released (july 9) version 2.54 of the KIWI Image System Cookbook.

KIWI in a nutshell:
  • Command-line appliance creator
  • output many diffrent formats
  • Powerful, scriptable
  • Open Source (GPL)

openSUSE wiki (kiwi)

Based on the KIWI backend, Nat's team is working on SUSE Studio:
  • Web-based appliance creator (based on KIWI)
  • Easy and fast
  • Community marketplace
You can sign-up for the alpha version here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My hope is that this will simplify the creation of a Thin Client image loads completely to RAM, or a NFSROOT mount. I currently have had no luck with KIWI in doing so.

My end result is too set up my kids rooms with ThinClients that use 14watts, have no hard drive, and 2GB of ram running OpenSuSE 11.