Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Nat: Virtual Appliances

If you haven't seen Nat's keynote presentation about Virtual Appliances, It's worth it.

See Nat's presentation on Linuxtag 2008

Physical Distribution (pDistro), Virtual Distribution (vDistro), Just-enough Operating System JeOS "Juice", SUSE Studio, Kiwi (command-line appliance creator)

Lime JeOS - LInux Minimal Edition Just Enough Operating System

vDistro - Application stack
Application specific tuning, security and fault tolerance
Tailored for application stack, able to run on any pDistro
software stack: kernel virtual drivers, operating system configuration, application(s) libraries

pDistro - Hardware specific
hardware specific tuning
distribution specialized for
specific physical hardware
software stack: hypervisor, system drivers, kernel, management agents

Nat Friedan, Novell, suse, opensuse, virtualization, virtualisation, v-distro, vdistro, p-distro, pdistro, limeJeOS, lime jeos

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