Thursday, October 15, 2009

ScummVM: Play cool old adventures

Do you have fond memories of any old adventure games?

Personally, I have once upon a time spent several weeks engrossed in something called Day Of The Tentacle.

Recently I started playing around with ScummVM, a game engine emulator originating from LucasArt.
ScummVM runs on many different operating systems and game consoles. If you are running openSUSE you can just install it from YaST.

All the old favorites can be played; Sam & Max, Full Throttle, Larry but also Grim Fandango.

My kid will have to get to know some of these games... mandatory part of a good education. Why are today's games not more like these?


Anonymous said...

You can't beat the zx spectrum emulators or MAME.

Not many 4 year olds that know about Jet Set Willy or Phoenix.

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