Wednesday, November 11, 2009

5 years

We started Moosy in oct 2004 when we started to move our production machines to Linux.
The last year there is not a lot of R&D from the team that is published on the blog.
Most of us are microblogging, moved on with their lives or just grew up.

We would like to thank our freelance editors for their contributions
over the last years:
  • The Priest is no longer among us and is using Windows now
  • Dr. Red seems disappeared from the planet
  • Santos Research is now managing serious business
  • The Doop still rocks but spends most of his time in the 020 area
  • Peppie moved to a evil empire
  • 100% iMark


Peppie said...

Guess its time for resurrection.. Ping me if your interested in some gadget related stuff with a small link to Linux.

The Priest said...

I am back ;-)