Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Evolution 2.1.6 released

Major New User Features
* Online/Offline for mail with syncing of message changes to server (IMAP4, Groupwise, Exchange)
* Online/Offline for contacts (ldap, groupwise, exchange)
* Online/Offline for calendars (webcal, groupwise, exchange)
* Attachments for calendar events
* Weather in the calendar
* Plugin that puts new message events on DBUS for applets to listen to
* Improved recurrence handling in calendar - exceptions can be made to recurring events now without create a separate event
* Right to Left mail display and composing
* GroupWise support for send options, shared folders
* Exchange support for folder sizes and password expiry warning
* Experimental IMAP provider (IMAP4rev1 account type for testing)

Major New Developer Features
* EPlugin
* Loadable EDS Modules
* libedataserverui with convenience widgets for e-d-s data
* libedataserverui with name selector completion widgetry

I installed 2.1.6 but our Grw POA needs to be upgraded to newer code to get full advantaged of the new functionality. (full native Grw support).More in about 2 weeks when my POA will be upgraded

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